We offer our residency and rehearsing space to groups or individuals creative in dance, theatre and performing art.

For the one who needs to work intensively and with concentration to finish, start, or workout their projects.

Residency can be from 3 up to 21 days long.

We expect from you small contribution for accomodation and services.

Let us know to discuss details.


Wooden floor or baletizol

Empty or with few mirrors

Big glass door and windows to the garden

Size: 7 x 7,5 m

Very good heating

Sofa and some table etc.

Shower, toilet


Small room for props

Check the photos!


1st – dark blue room – 3 beds

2nd – grass green room – 2 beds

  •  We have now 5 beds available! (heading for more soon)

But there is more space in the rooms for people who are ok to sleep on the floor.(2 more in the space room, 2 more in the collage room – We offer some mattresses).

Also, if you are more on punk-pro level, more of you can sleep in the barn. With your sleeping bags you will be safe, it is warm and cosy and magical in some way.

Big kitchen,  two bathrooms and one extra toilet are available in our beautiful house. Also free wifi. Also free marvelous garden.

Important note: There is one dog and four cats living with us in the house and in the garden!!! (+ kids, but we hope there is no such thing as allergy on kids).