Spring 2019

14 days long residency, Judit Dömötör (HU) Visegrad Fund Supported Artist in Residency Program:

from the final report…: „On the 16th evening we shared the work in the frame of a presentation where the village’s dwellers were invited by Katerina. Katerina and Frantisek were totally engaged to reflect on the presentation from the smallest technical detail until the really fundamental questions. It gave a big stoke for the continuation.
I should also mention that we were having a fruitful artistic exhange with our hosts during the whole period of work ; from taking time with sharing everyday life moments together until visitingreflecting on each others works, we became an integrated part of each other’s life and art for 2 weeks. As a choreographer and musican, Katerina did everything she could to help us to find right materials for the floor in order to make the B version. They also provided us different materials to experiment.
Besides all that the residency accomodation they offer is very nice, calm and confortable with all equipment including facilities to cook and eat easily and work as much as possible.
The couple of Frantisek and Katerina is a jolly joker: they do their best for helping residents from food (shopping for us) until the supply of technical equipment – in my case high quality sound system necessary for my work. Frantisek giving a serious technical support of sound and helping us in transport and information and Katerina with artistic advises in music and choreography, they are the beautiful and efficient warriors of building up a fascinating new society by organizing Stodola Drozdov, a place for working, showing and sharing- especially how to make art in an other way. It fitted the best for my project and I am very happy I got in contact with them. I honestly advise Stodola Drozdov for every artist and artistic projects where nature, slowing down or just a fresh vison on things are welcome…“

full final report:  Residency_report V4 _ Judit Dömötör

Photos: foto1

​Summer 2017 – 2019

Six dance residencies led by Milan Odstrčil, preparation of new project(8 days, 4 dancers), finalisation of a performance (4 days, 10 dancers)

January 2017

Bublinek –  preparation of experimental theatre for children, voice-dance-storytelling – music composition

3 days


Laura Hedgerson (GB), Wiliam Valerián (GB/CZ), Cécile da Costa (FR), Katerina Eva Lanci (CZ)

September 2016

Boi – physical performance, fusion of traditional Slovak folk heritage and contemporar movement theatre -residency

10 days


Cecile da Costa (FR), Martin Talaga (SK), Katarína Kalivodová (SK), Matěj Matějka (PL, Matejka studio), Kateřina Eva Lanči (CZ)

Autumn 2015

literature residency, writing of a novel and a translation work

3 months


Ivana Myšková, Vratislav Kadlec


since October 2016 till now

Dance classes for adults every monday 6.30. p.m. – 8.p.m.

Two Dance classes for children every thursday 5.p.m. – 7 p.m.

Body and fun for mothers with kids until 4 years every thursday 10:30 – 11:15 a.m.

Solo voice classes

(all classes lead by Katerina Eva Lanci)